The biological organism behind the blog

Behind every blog is a biological organism, mostly a human beeing - like i am.
99% of them have a name and mine is Robin.

The biological organism in detail[^n]

Let's focus on my person:
Stunning hot, good looking, successfull... just kidding.
Basically I started off in the age of 12 with coding a little bit in VB6 and the interest in technology grew very fast. Then it was about time to look around for a job after school and getting an education.
Application Developer was just the right thing to try and so I applied and got a job.
To say it in vernacular: I initialized my experience.
Since I don't want to bore you with details, I shorten the story a little bit:
I am working for a Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner and my key skills are all around this product, it's product family and connecting technology.
Just to mention some cues:
X++, .NET (C#), SSRS, SQL-Administration, T-SQL, Ruby, PHP, XML, Java, CSS and ohter web based languages.

Purpose of this Blog

The Purpose of this blog is to share my experiences regarding all kinds of technology. I layed the focus on Dynamics AX 2012+ because this is my daily work and from this comes the most input. C# plays another significant role here on the blog and the rest of the topics will vary.