[D365] Add display method via Extension

Adding a display method to a standard table in D365 can be confusing because most parts of the documentation state it should be implemented as static method with the table as only parameter and writte in the control's Data Method like this: MyClass::staticDisplayMethod.

This does not only look ugly but there is a better way!

First, create an Extension class for the standard table you want to add the display method to:

New table extension class

Then implement your display method as instance method:

public final class TmpPurchLine_Extension
	public display AmountCur myQtyField()
    	return this.PurchQty;
The new display method

Then create a form extension for the standard form you want to add your display method to:

Create extension for standard form

Add a new control of the correct type to your design (example: Real control) and then set the property Data Source to the standard table you created your extension for and the Data Method property to the name of your extension class and display method connected by a dot. Example: TmpPurchLine_Extension.myQtyField

Table.method as property

This does look strange at first but works and you can avoid implementing static methods.