[D365] Solve SysExtension cache issues / flush cache

Implementing a new class with SysExtensionFramework and noticing the code it never reached is sad.

Most of the time it is a caching issue because D365fO is (like previous versions) a master of caching. Sometime it caches too much and don't refresh the cache.

Flush cache via URL

One way to flush the cache is calling a menu item called ACTION:SysFlushAOD.
Note that you must url-encode the colon (:)!
So just append &mi=ACTION%3ASysFlushAOD to your URL:

Be aware that this does not show a process!

Flush cache via menu

The cache can also be flushed via a menu call under the following path:
Transportation management\Setup\Load building\Load building strategies
Click on Generate class list: