[SSRS] Install and use custom fonts

Every customer takes care of their corporate identity and therefore how their reports look.
Especially the ones like the sales invoice that represent the company. There are some aesthetic and regulatory points to take care of - like the used fonts, font-weight, font-size...

To make it short:

Install new font:
  1. Download .ttf files. A good (and free) source is DaFont.
  2. Install fonts on your development maschine (where you design your reports with Visual Studio).
    Windows Vist and above: right click and choose "Install".
    To make it complete - Windows XP: Go to Control Panel => Fonts and copy the fonts to this folder.
  3. Install the fonts on the server where SSRS Service is running likewise. SSRS Install fonts
  4. Restart SSRS Service to make it recognize the fonts.
  5. If Visual Studio was open, you need to close and reopen it to use the new fonts.