[SSRS] ToDo List when new fields doesn't show on report

When newly added fields doesn't show up on your SSRS Report or just with empty values but the record in the temporary table get's filled, try the following points to solve the problem:

  1. Refresh DataSource on Report Design
  2. Synchronize the Tables
  3. Refresh Caches under Tools\Caches (all 4)
    -- Check again --
  4. Remove Report from Server (via Report-Manager)
  5. Refresh Caches again under Tools\Caches (all 4)
  6. Deploy Report again
    -- Check again -- (All previous steps together till here normally solves the problem)
  7. Restart the SSRS Instance (Service)
    -- Check again --
  8. If using Query: Remove Report related data from table SRSReportQuery
  9. Remove related records from table SysLastValue
  10. Forward-Compile DataProvider class
    -- Check again --
  11. Last resort: Restart AOS (not neccesary in most cases)