[X++] FastTabExpanded property on form TabPage

On a TabPage control on forms there is a property called FastTabExpanded.
The property controls weather the FastTab appears expanded or collapsed and how this can be changed by the user.
The default value is Auto.




Default value. Decision is taken by the system. User settings are considered.


When a user opens the form for the first time, the FastTab appears expanded. As soon as the user collapses the FastTab, this is getting stored in the users usage data and the next time opening the form the FastTab appears collapsed (or whatever state the user defined for the FastTab before leaving the form).


Behaves like the option Yes but on the first opening the FastTab appears collapsed.


The FastTab always appears expanded and the user cannot collapse the FastTab!
In this example below, the first FastTab has the property Always and the second has the property Yes.
Notice that the first FastTab has no marker to collapse it: