[X++] find record with Common

When we create a new table we add some useful methods like find and exist so the next developer can use these methods to find the a needed record.

When writing generic code and using Commons instead of specific declared tables, there are multiple ways to find a specific record.

Checking if a find method is present on the table and finding out which parameters it takes is the worst way imho.

For me the best way is to use KeyData.
KeyData is a container that contains the values of the unique fields to search for.

Let me show you an example:

static void findKeyDataExample1(Args _args)
    Common          record;
    Map             mapKeyData;
    KeyData         kd;
    mapKeyData = new Map(Types::Integer, Types::String);
    mapKeyData.insert(fieldNum(SalesTable, SalesId), 'SO-00001');
    kd = mapKeyData.pack();
    record = SysDictTable::findFromKeyData(tableNum(SalesTable), kd);

So this job initializes a new instance of SysDictTable for the table SalesTable and makes the common to be the same type. Then it selects the first record and retrieves the KeyData. This will return a map with the FieldCount and the value. The value is then written to a container and passed to the method SysDictTable::findFromKeyData which returns the same record as we selected first.

This is also working with tables that have more than one field as unique index.
For example PurchAgreementHeader.

To get KeyData from a record:

static void findKeyDataExample2(Args _args)
    SalesTable      salesTable;
    Common          recordCheck;
    SysDictTable    dictTable;
    Map             mapKeyData;
    KeyData         kd;
    MapEnumerator   mapEnum;
    select firstOnly salesTable;
    mapKeyData = SysDictTable::getKeyData(salesTable);
    mapEnum = mapKeyData.getEnumerator();
    while (mapEnum.moveNext())
        info(strFmt('Field ID: %1 Fieldname: %2 Value: %3', mapEnum.currentKey(), fieldId2name(tableNum(salesTable), mapEnum.currentKey()), con2Str(mapEnum.currentValue())));

Et voilá, we have a few lines of code to select out record in a generic context.