[X++] Lookup on ReferenceGroups

When adding a Field to a table by foreign key RecId and later adding this field to a form, AX automatically created a FormReferenceGroup.

Let's say we want to override the lookup behavior because we need to filter the records displayed in the lookup.
On a normal form control one would simply override the lookup method and use SysTableLookup to build the desired lookup.
With a FormReferenceGroup it behaves different.

Override the lookupReference method on the Data Source level of the form like this:

public Common lookupReference(FormReferenceControl _formReferenceControl)
    SysReferenceTableLookup sysTableLookup = SysReferenceTableLookup::newParameters(tableNum(LogisticsLocationRole), _formReferenceControl);
    Query                   query;
    QueryBuildDataSource    qbds;
    QueryBuildRange         qbr;
    LogisticsLocationRole   selectedRecord;

    sysTableLookup.addLookupfield(fieldNum(LogisticsLocationRole, Name));
    sysTableLookup.addLookupMethod(tableMethodStr(LogisticsLocationRole, description));
    sysTableLookup.addLookupfield(fieldNum(LogisticsLocationRole, Type));

    query       = new Query();
    qbds        = query.addDataSource(tableNum(LogisticsLocationRole));
    // Filter:
    qbr         = qbds.addRange(fieldNum(LogisticsLocationRole, IsContactInfo));
    qbds.addSortField(fieldNum(LogisticsLocationRole, Name));

    // Now here is the special part, it returns the selected record:
    selectedRecord = sysTableLookup.performFormLookup();

    return selectedRecord;