[D365] D365FO Ninja Dev Tools

Today I was on the hunt for information on the Tags property of some objects and came across an interesting GitHub repo: D365FO Ninja Dev Tools

Hichem Chekebkeb has built some very interesting extensions!
Those include the following at the moment:

  1. Add new items to project with right click on the folder
  2. Populate mandatory controls to coply with the form pattern
  3. Create menu items (Forms, Classes and Reports)
  4. Label your controls with a simple right click
  5. Set table column as index
  6. Extend a class and implement an interface in one click
  7. Remove prefix from table fields
  8. Indent/Format X++ code

I was so amazed about those that I wanted to give it a shout out!

Check it out and contribute your own if you have some.