[D365] Fix - The devInstall option is not applicable to the current deployable package

There is a good documentation on how to install a deployable package on the various types of environments in the Microsoft Docs which I don't want to repeat here.

Recently there was a need to run AXUpdateInstaller devinstall on a Tier-1 Microsoft managed LCS environment for a Platform Update package because LCS deployment repeatedly failed with all kind of errors for this environment.

The first way described in the docs with generating a Runbook and executing this didn't work because of missing administrative rights on this maschine.
Running devinstall failed with the following error message:

The devInstall option is not applicable to the current deployable package.

Finding the solution was not that easy but to keep it short, here it is:

Solving it

After the Deployable Package is extracted, copy the following file to the root (where AxUpdateInstalller.exe can be found, too):

Replace the * with the platform version. Example: dynamicsax-framework-bin.7.0.5778.41505.zip

Now in the file DefaultTopologyData.xml change the Machine name to your hostname:

AX topology

Now running devinstall is possible with that package.