[D365] The parent of additional control was not found on the base form

In a project with more than 3 ISV solutions installed we encountered the following compile error from time to time while updating to a new version of ISV Solutions:

[AxFormExtension/EcoResProductDetailsExtended.ourOwnExtension/Controls/FormExtensionControlnhogurxf1/Parent]:The parent 'ButtonGroupNameFromISV' of the additional control 'FormExtensionControlnhogurxf1' was not found on the base form.

This error message was thrown while compiling one of our own models which had a reference to the ISV model. Note that both the ISV model and our model have FormExtensions on the same form.

Reason behind it

Installing the ISVs deployable package on a devbox via devinstall can sometimes miss to copy resources in the required folders. The error is misleading because the "parent model" is the one with the issue.


Use the ISV deployable package containing the module in question again and run the following PowerShell script from it:


This will copy the required files to the proper places for all modules contained in the deployable package.

Afterwards recompile your own model and the error is gone.