Imzy community for dynamics ax

There is a new thing on the net called imzy.
It is led by the former SVP of product at Reddit and founder of Redditgifts, Dan McComas, and backed by the investors of Patreon, Twitter, and Foursquare, They are changing the way communities exist on the internet and build something different where the users and the communities are standing in the focus.

Check out their website to get more information on the concept.

Because I think it's a good concept and the way to go, I created a community for Dynamics AX on imzy.

Right now imzy is at an early beta phase and by invite only. Each new user has a total of 5 invites. As a leader of a community I have some more to build the community.

To join, just click the link and sign up. You will be on the waiting list and once they approve you, you'll become part of the community and can invite people directly by mail.

Let's build the community!
Spread the word, join and invite!

Dynamics AX on Imzy