[X++] Client performance options and preview panes

Preview Panes, Info parts and fact boxes were introduced with Dynamics AX 2012.
Info parts and fact boxes are shown on the right side of ListPages while preview panes are shown at the bottom.
One good example is the ListPage for the sales orders SalesTableListPage:
Sales orders preview pane

You can hide the preview panes via the View option in the client.
Accessible either from the top right button View:
client view options top
Or from the menu File > View:
client view options menu

But what if the option Preview Pane is disabled in the menu?

You can globally disable Preview Panes from System administration > Setup > System > Client performance options:

So if you are searching for the reason why preview panes aren't showing up on your ListPages and can't enable them via the view options menu, take a look at these parameters first!